Midwife Coordinators are available at six public hospitals to coordinate GP Obstetric Shared Care. Through experience and education they are expert clinical practitioners in antenatal/postnatal management. The Midwife Coordinator will assist with the liaison between your GP, the participating hospital and any other health workers involved in your care during and after your pregnancy. They will ensure that the management of clinical activities is effective, professional and caring.

They are also available to rural GPs who require information even if you are not giving birth at a metropolitan hospital.

The Midwife Coordinators can be contacted only between 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays)

Women’s and Children’s Hospital: (08) 8161 7000    
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital: as per Women’s and Children’s Hospital Coordinator
Flinders Medical Centre: (08) 8204 4650    
Lyell McEwin Hospital: (08) 8182 9000   Mobile: 0417840062
Modbury Hospital: as per Lyell McEwin Hospital Coordinator
Gawler Hospital: (08) 8521 2060    

If you choose GP Obstetric Shared Care you are unable to access midwifery group practice.